Sunday, March 6, 2016

As I continue to work on short story after short story I find myself  thinking about Writer's Block. So I figured I might as well say something about how I manageto tame this bane of writers. It is a lot easier than you would ever believe,

"When I can't think of what to write, I find it easiest to just write without thinking.

I know right.,  but it works . A 5 minute bout of just typing the first thing that pops into my mind  without thought of punctiuation, grammar, spelling , cohesiveness or purpose is the best cure for the dreaded writer's block.

Writers block occurs because you are basically thinking too hard. Over thinking gives more room for self dount to work it's way in s o by doing a basic brain dump you kind of purge the internal negativity and in my case it leaves me refreshed and able to write again.

Friday, March 4, 2016

What kind of Writer are you?

Since begining my journey I have discovered an interesting concept that there are differing types of writers.  Now there's the deabte of planner vs pantser which is an  interesting one by itself but I ask more about the mechanical aspect of writing.

Are you a 'Stop and Go' or 'Inertial'?

Stop and Go types do their writing in chunks.  Counting usually by pages or word-count or by time even. I tried this methodology when I was building up my writing stamina and habit. Though over time I discovered I was more inertial.  Inertial writers, tend to be very slow to start but once you get like a hundred or two hundred words into the story you're writing, well, you basically just keep going. These are the sorts of writers that start writing in the morning and only stop in the evening because they realized they  missed two or three meals.

There are pro's and cons to both. The stop and goes have the regimented discipline to churn out steady work over time. The inertials can in a single sitting do far more work than a Stop and Go, but like the real force of inertia their greatest challenge is to actually start.

So which do you lean towards?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Well so it begins. The terrified steps of an aspiring author continue with this. Wow.  Well I guess I will have to learn what  and how to post but for now, ye  who read this, be gentle. I'm rather fragile. Feedback is nice but do not mind if I get a little snippy or abrassive. I apologize in advance.

What you can expect to find here is sort of a journal of sorts and even the occasional posting of my short stories. Or at the very least links to the sites that are publishing them.